Venue: Karlovy Vary
Date and time: 03.08.2018 08:00
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Do you know, what you are going to do this summer? Join the Musicians – music lessons and music festival in Carlsbad. The worlds most famous lectors or multi-genres music. This is the Musicians! Nine days full of music, summer sun and amazing people.

Come and join us! The gates of the most famous festivals city are now opening for you!

CEITEC PhD Retreat

Venue: Státní zámek Valtice, Zámek 1, Valtice
Date and time: 23.04.2015 09:00
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If you are perspective young scientist not only from Brno, you are probably prepairing to visit CEITEC PhD Retreat. It is the international conference organized by the Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) in the beautiful place – Chateau Valtice. We also will be there. There will be a lot of time to meet new people and talk with them about everything. Come and enjoy with us.

Filming in Slowone

Venue: Hudební klub Slowone, Lidická 702/23, Brno
Date and time: 29.01.2015 20:00

Come and see the public filming of the short jingle for Rock & Roll dance nights in the music club Slowone. Some of the visitors, especially those in stylish clothes, should take attend as extras with small refreshment free of charge. Do not hesitate to come, number of visitors is limited. In any case, be prepared for fun and  evening full of dance.

Live with FriedAce

Venue: Hudební klub Melodka, Kounicova 20/22, Brno
Date and time: 27.11.2014 20:00

Come and enjoy the live concert of FriedAce in music club Melodka in Brno. We will be there for making the Jack’s Daughter music video. Do not be affraid to arrive. Bore is not welcome there.